The project

The SiMBiT project will develop a bio-electronic smart system leveraging on an existing lab-based proof-of-concept that can perform single-molecule detection of both proteins and DNA bio-markers.

Specifically, the SiMBiT activities will develop the lab-based device into a cost-effective portable multiplexing array prototype that integrates, with a modular approach, novel materials and standard components/interfaces.

The SiMBiT platform exhibits enhanced sensing capabilities: specificity towards both genomic and protein markers along with single-molecule detection limits and time-to results within two hours.

This makes the SiMBiT prototype the world best performing bio-electronic sensing system ever.

The platform is also single-use and cost-effective and can work in low-resource settings.

The SiMBiT field-effect sensing system will be fabricated by means of future mass manufacturable, large-area compatible, scalable techniques such as printing and other direct-writing processes.

The SiMBiT prototype will demonstrate, for first time, a matrix of up to 96 bio-electronic sensors and a Si IC chip for the processing of all data coming from the matrix, multiplexing single-molecule detection. As the Si IC pins are limited the chip area is reduced and its cost minimized, enabling a single-use assay plate.

SiMBiT will apply the multiplexing single molecule technology to the early detection of human pancreatic neoplasms in a well-defined clinical context, performing simultaneous analysis of genomic and protein markers with a minimal sample volume, reduced costs and reduced time-to-results

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