The single molecule bio-electronic
smart system array for clinical testing

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sensing system
Single-molecule detection - sensitive

Context of the project

ELISA after more than 40 years since its discovery, is still the most popular multiplexing assay to quantify protein bio-markers despite the performance level limited by multiple assay steps, low sensitivity and low dynamic range.

Digitizing biomarkers analysis by quantifying them at the single-molecule level is the new frontier for advancing the science of precision health. Such an occurrence will enormously enhance their ability of curing diseases by supporting better prognosis and permitting the application of precise treatment methods. An enormous improvement in the quality of life and longevity of the population for generations to come is foreseen along with a reduction of health care expenses.

The disruptive bio-electronic smart system developed in SiMBiT will open to a massive use of high-throughput array-based assay not only in clinical laboratory analysis, but also in point-of-care and low resources settings.


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